Thursday, May 3, 2012

Take me out to the ball game...

Wow!  I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have written a post.  Time gets away from me this time of the year and feeling poorly didn't help at all.  In the time that I was away, I did manage to catch up on my blog reading.  Thanks for keeping me entertained and informed while I laid in bed.  So, what's been going on?  Hmmm... Let's see ..

I am finally on the mend.  My neck is still sore but the pain in the left side of my head and neck are manageable.  I will be starting physical therapy soon to try to get the pain to subside completely.  I was reminded yet again that I need to look at where I am walking rather than at the floor or my cell phone.  I almost ran face first into an open cabinet door in the kitchen while walking into the laundry room.  I did a total Matrix style move to keep from smashing my face, but strained my neck.  This is just me .. totally clumsy.  My husband laughed so hard that I thought he was going to be sick.

I am still working on my art journal.  I have realized that the space that I have setup for journaling - which is the same space that I have for making jewelry - does not inspire me.  I have wanted to art journal so badly for the last couple of days, however when I walk to my table I am uninspired.  So, I am going to create a more comfy space for me this weekend.

Hmm.. Let's see what else ...  Oh yeah Nick and Jordan both attended prom since I last wrote.. Nick went to his girlfriend's senior prom at her school (He's just a sophomore so he was excited).. He was handsome and danced the night away.. I haven't gotten their pics back yet and don't have any from her grandmother to be able to show you .. that kind of sucks but rest assured that as soon as I get the pics, you will see endless postings of them on facebook and some in my blog as well.

Jordan and his girlfriend attended their senior prom just this past weekend.  He went with her at 8 in the morning to get her hair done, then to the nail salon.. He really is a good boyfriend.. They spent the day together and had a wonderful time getting ready and riding around in the limo that her mother got them for the day. They traveled to Point Park atop Lookout Mountain to get photos done.  All total there are over 400 photos of them from the day.  (that's a lot of posing)  Here are a couple of my favorites to share. They are just the cutest couple ever!


Let's see .. I know that's not all.. Oh yeah - Jordan went for a tour of the Armstrong Atlantic campus in Savannah.  He visited the dorms and registered for his fall classes.  I honestly cannot believe that he will be going away in just a few short months.  Tears will be shed. I feel better knowing that he is going somewhere with friends - actually his entire group of friends including his girlfriend are all attending the same school this fall.

Baseball - Little League Baseball that is - has started up here with the opening ceremonies last weekend. I mean we have actually been playing for a over a month in pre-season tournaments, but this was the official opening ceremony for regular season. This year only the youngest is playing which feels a little weird.  And here he is doing his thing on the field...

May is a busy month for us over here.  We have 3 birthdays - Xander's, Nick's and mine, in addition to Mother's Day, graduation, baseball, friends' birthdays and the end of school.  I plan on hanging around here more often so look to see me post more frequently.  

Much Love

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