Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What have I been up to lately?

So what have I been up to lately?  Let's see

First there is a little of this... My youngest is having the best time playing ball this year.  His natural love of the game is encouraging him to practice, practice, practice. As the season progresses we can all see his hard work paying off.

Aidan Baseball
And some of this.. Today is the 13th Birthday of my son Xander. He specifically asked me to create him a chocolate and peanut butter cake for his family party.  Below is the final result and oh boy did it taste yummy!!

Chocolate Cake with homemade Peanut Butter Frosting

And a little bit of fun along with the cake.  Time spent with brothers, uncles, grandparents and a couple of friends.  The boys had fun throwing the football around the front yard.. And turning a couple of cartwheels.  The adults sat around on the porch watching the fun and having some great conversation.

Xander Family Party

Cartwheels during Football

Xander and Nick

Aidan wanted to play with the big boys

This weekend he gets to choose a friend and I will take them to dinner and a movie to celebrate his birthday.       Once my boys turn 10 they get their last 'friend' party.  With all these kids up to age 10 was about all that I could handle.  Every year, for each boy no matter how young or old, I take them out to dinner and a movie so that they can spend some one on one time with me .. and if they choose they can bring a friend.  It is a memorable time for me .. and I like to think for them as well.

So what else ... tomorrow I will share a post on the wonderful beads that I received from my bead swap partners that Lori Anderson hosted.  I can't want to share the wonderful goodies that I received from them.

So what have you been doing that makes you smile lately?

Much Love

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