Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bead Soup Blog Party 6 - Just a little late

Oh wow, time flies when time flies!  These kids of mine have had me busy having fun this summer.  Work is all sorts of keeping me busy.  And let's not forget the homework and studying involved in getting my MBA.  So that being said, Sunday or Monday was the first time that I even had a chance to check my personal email, much less anything else.  So here I sit after the party and I haven't even started working on my pretty pretty for the reveal.

So here I sit, getting ready to show you picks on my wonderful soup and to tell ya a little about my partner.

My partner this time around is Shannon Hicks from Falling Into the Sky.  Oh my gosh!  The first time I looked at her blog I was humbled by her talent.  I mean - really - look at this!

picture courtesy of 

And then there is her bead stash 
picture courtesy of

So I decided that an eclectic mix of focals, clasps, and beads would work well to give her a variety of pieces to mix with her stash.
picture courtesy of Shannon's blog

When I received her package, I was thrilled and excited!  Everything is gorgeous and coordinates beautifully together.  The collection that she sent me includes glass focal (amazing), carnelian rings, mookite, quartz, amber, pearls, carnelian beads, copper chain, clasps and head pins.

I have some ideas rolling around in my head.  I will have finished up my current class - Financial Analysis - and have some time cleared this weekend to work on my piece(s) for the late reveal.

Much Love