Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Already??!!!

I cannot believe that it is February already.... it seems like just yesterday it was January ( bahahaha!!) Ok seriously, January came and went in a blur.  School for me started back up with Business Law .. ugh.. and that is a monumental time user-upper..

So now that I am starting to get over the shock of my husband's surgery, I have realized that for the most part I have neglected my blog, I have neglected reading the blog posts of the blogs that I follow, and I haven't made a single piece of jewelry since before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

So its time to try to fit some me time into my already crazy schedule - which will get crazier with the impending 'senior prom' and the ever popular start of little league baseball.

First I want to reorganize my bead table.. 

I will be making a couple of these (click the link below the pic to see the tutorial)

To replace this 
Printer's Tray

This will free up some much needed space on my bead table, while having a lovely place to stash my most used components.  Not to worry, I have other plans for this beauty. 

I need to go through my bead stash and decide what I want to keep and what I need to destash.  The beads deserve a home where they will be used and put on display rather than locked tightly away in a drawer.  I am a hoarder.

So I have some goals for the year, but I find it easier to handle them one month at a time. So here are 

My Jewelry Goals for February
Spend at least 10 minutes every day at my bead table
Post to my blog at least 2 times a week
Read and comment on at least 2 blogs that I follow each week
Take a least 2 pictures each week that inspire me

My Personal Goals for February
'Play' on the Kinect 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes each (this is my exercise)
Cook at least 1 meal a week (my husband usually does the cooking, but I feel inspired to try lol)

My Jewelry Goal for the Year
I want my focus this year to be on learning new techniques to create my own handmade focals and components.  I am still working with polymer clay, although I can tell that my interest is slowing dissipating.  I am interested in learning more how to work with metal - etching, stamping, riveting, colorizing, patina.  I think that I may be able to get my husband interested in learning how to create lampwork beads - he always needs something to keep him busy - 'cause me plus fire is not a good combo.

For now.. my goal this weekend is to create two of the cute Terra Cotta Jewelry stands and reorganize my beading area.  I think that the lack of space is keeping my muse away.  And wouldn't you know that the only place with enough room in my house to put my jewelry making goodies is also the place where I feel least inspired.  So I need to fix that up ASAP.

I will include my progress on these as the month progresses.  What are your goals this month? 

Much Love 

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  1. I've been at that wall myself several times...and you have had a lot going on!! I barely have time for what I do, and I have no children left at home. I can't imagine doing what you do! Good luck with your goals!! I am always here for a pep talk any time you want!! Hugs!!!