Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Hops and Fog Lights .. Who knew?

I have to keep up with my promise for two posts a week. I was at risk of missing my goal until I realized that today was Saturday - YIKES! 

So first there are two challenges going on.. 

First is the Copper Component Blog Hop hosted by Kristi Bowman.  Participants could choose between two different copper components.

You have got to check out Kristi's blog DreamSomeDreams to see the list of participants.  The different designs are all beautiful! 

Another blog hop in the works is the 7000 Bracelets for Hope blog hop co-hosted by Erin at Elysian Studios and Christine from One Kiss Creations.  

This is an amazing opportunity for jewelry artisans across the world to come together to benefit a great cause.  Head on over to either of their blogs to get more details, sign up and to grab yourself a button.  

On a non-jewelry related note, I realized two things

The first - friendships are born in many different ways.  I made a friend this week that I never would have thought of as a friend.  Actually we were kind of frenemies.  This week something clicked and I can see the beginning of a wonderful new friendship blooming.

The second - never underestimate the usefulness of fog lights. I have never used mine before tonight, but to all those skeptics out there.. they really do work!

This week I have learned that amazing things can spring from people and things that have been in front of me for a while.

Much love


  1. Hey Shell,
    Great post! I would not have heard of the 7000 bracelets if not for you. I went right over there to sign up, and you were right ahead of me! So happy to be participating in a blog hop with you. I have to put my "Blue" thinking cap on this month because I'm also participating in Michelle Machs Spring challenge which has a blue theme :)

    1. I am so glad that you will be participating too! I missed out on Michelle's challenge this time, but will definitely be participating in her next one :)

  2. Shell- Thanks so much for stopping by to sign up for 7000 bracelets, and for sharing that with your readers- that was so cool of you! I am glad you had a great experience have a blossoming friendship in front of you ...and fog lights... oh, my I know how those help. HATE driving in fog! Glad you made it home ok!

    1. Erin ~ Thanks for hosting the hop. I have honestly never used my fog lights before - they're amazing! lol

  3. Hi Michelle
    thanks for promoting both of the blog hops. I enjoyed participating in Kristi Bowman's copper component challenge. I need to look in to the 7000 Bracelets of Hope.
    I enjoy seeing the picture of your 5 guys.... I have 5 guys too if I count my husband! :-)

    1. I absolutely love your piece that you created for Kristi's hop. It is very inspiring :) I am excited about the 7000 Bracelets hop. Sure hope that you can join in the fun.

      Husband's may get to count as 2 :)