Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Tower of Jewelry ...

Well actually it's a jewelry tower.  This is the first one that I have created but anticipate creating at least one more for my bead table.  I can't take the credit for this design though... I found it on Show Me Cute, the link included here goes directly to the tutorial. I even used the same basic colors that she used in the tutorial.  For the second one, I will branch out on my own to see what I can do to spice it up a little bit.

This is a great addition to my bead table.  It provides space for my current projects, as well as space for my most used components.  I will be creating another tower soon, as well as another piece that will be home to my tools.

What are you creating? 

Much Love, 


  1. Cute! I need more space myself...don't we all!

  2. Great idea!! YOurs looks really good, Michelle! I could use about 4 of them on my table right now! Are those polymer clay beads I spy in there????

    1. There are some polymer clay, some focals from Menagerie Studio and metal beads from B'sue :)

  3. I don't have a terra cotta tower like this but, I do have a two tray candy dish tower that I have used for years. Super idea...I may have to try this, too.

    It looks great, Michelle. ;o)

  4. That is a cool project, and seems like it would be very useful! Thanks for sharing, and have fun with your new display/organizer!