Sunday, February 19, 2012

Burdens to Carry

I missed my goal of two blog posts last week, which makes me feel sad and disappointed in myself. 
I would also like to apologize to my readers for my posts recently.  Sometimes life brings me down and I need to just get it out so that I can feel heard or just release it from inside myself. 

There has been so many things that have happened over the course of a week.  I told my friend Friday night that we don't need to watch the Lifetime Movie Network because our lives are enough of a soap opera already.  
I found this photo on Pinterest and it describes one small part of my friendship with my best friend.

Have any of you ever felt that everything was piling on until it felt that you were going to fall under the heavy burden?  That has been how the last couple of weeks has been.  I have felt that there has been such a heavy burden placed on me that it has almost crippled me.  I feel as though of all those involved that I am the only one that is taking the situation to heart.  The only one to be considering consequences and future steps. I have pushed through simply because as a mother and wife I have to push through for the sake of everyone else.  How many of you do the same?  I would so much rather just curl into the fetal position in a dark room and have a good long cry but life moves forward even if I am not ready for it to.

It is during these darkest hours that I try to remember the things that make my life wonderful.  The things that have given me purpose and a reason to move forward. 

Like my boys


and I try to remember that 

and that everyone should

I know that this feeling is only temporary.  These feelings of melancholy are few and far between.  My life is wonderful and more than I could have ever hoped for.  It is these moments that far outweigh those of trouble that I try to focus on. These moments are those that give me fuel for the days that I feel that I just cannot take one more thing.

So I choose to let the burden push me to my knees.. so that I can unburden myself at the feet of the Lord, so that He may give me peace and guidance. So that I may feel Him with me as I continue along my path. And you, my dear readers, I simply ask for encouraging thoughts and prayers for my family.  Difficult decisions lay ahead in the coming months.  

Much love


  1. John 14:27

    I found this poem recently and found comfort in it, myself. {{{hugs}}} Know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Vee ~ Thank you so much for the encouraging words and the poem. And especially thank you for taking a moment to leave a comment.

  2. Encouraging thoughts and prayers are coming your way...and remembering John 16:20, that often, times of trouble lead to new birth and sources of anguish can morph into joy! I'm praying that for you.

    What a beautiful family!

    1. Thank you for reminding me of John 16:20... And thank you for the compliment on my family. Most of all thanks for praying for me and my situation.

  3. I hope you know you can email me any time you want to vent or talk. I'm thinking of you....