Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Different Kind of Challenge

So here I sit going through my lovely Google Reader that has all of my favorite blogs in one place for easy readability (not sure that is a word, but just go with it). I come across the post from Jeannie's blog  entitled Bead Unique October 2011.  I love looking at her creations in her store as well, so I clicked on the My Store link on the right of her blog page.  I start browsing and come across some really great deals.

These gorgeous Distressed Patina Clay Pendants are gorgeous!  I ordered 2 of the circular ones and can't wait to get them.

And take a look at these amazing paper beads

I kept looking around, checking out each section of her shop, just soaking in the gloriousness (not sure that it a word either).  I noticed a section titled Do Over Challenge.  I was intrigued... so I clicked it. Jeannie is hosting a challenge.

Here's how it works:

Jeannie will send you an old, tired, boring piece of her jewelry and you will work your magic and turn it into something beautiful and amazing.  There will be a small fee of $3.50 to cover shipping and handling.


Deadline to enter this challenge is Friday, September 30th.  You don't have to have a blog to enter. Jeannie will post it on her blog for you.

Take "before" and "after" pictures. Try to use at the very least 50% of the do over piece. You can add any of your beads or pendant.

Everyone will post it on your blog on the SAME DAY, (to be announced on her blog).  If for any reason you are unable to participate, you will be charged for the jewelry.

The Do Over Challenge piece will be shipped out sometime after September 17th.

Go to Jeannie's blog to get the rest of the info and the remainder of the guidelines.

Don't forget that the deadline to enter is September 30th, but there is only a limited number of pieces that Jeannie has set aside for this challenge. So you may want to order now to make sure that you have a spot. The blog hop date will be sometime in late October.  Head on over to Jewelry by Jeannie to reserve your piece today and while you are there take a look at all of the other wonderful things that she has created. And don't forget to check her blog Jeannie's Blog.

I'm in! Are you??

Much Love,


  1. YOu know I always love a challenge....I'm in!! Thanks for letting me know!