Thursday, August 25, 2011

A place of my own

No...not an apartment. Although at times that thought has occurred to me ~ not always easy finding a quiet space with a big family. I am speaking more of a place of my own to sit and create.  As most jewelry artists do, I started by sitting at the dining room table while creating my pieces. Until recently that suited my needs and it kept me to close to the heart of the home. Then I noticed that there wasn't much space left for us to sit and eat.  So with encouragement from some friends, I decided to carve out a little niche just for me.

So I started searching for a little space in whatever room I could find some space in.  My house is not very large and small rooms with a big family tend to fill up quickly.  Luckily my mom found a new table for her house and passed to me the dining table and chair set that she has had since I was little.  The new table fit more comfortably in my dining room than the table we currently have.  So when I swapped the tables out, which left some open space in the dining room.

So I pulled up a table from many moons ago from the basement and set about trying to create my space.  It is still a work in progress, but I have a space of my own that is "off" limits to children, spouse and pets alike :).

My work table with no clutter - of course I just brought it up from the basement.

Then I decided to go through and reorganize all my beads, findings, and other misc tools of the trade

Now to begin to fill up the cool tray that I found for such a steal a little while back.
Then I decided that I couldn't live with the traditional plastic bead trays that I have always had a love/hate relationship with, so I went looking for storage.  I found the cutest cart at an office supply store on sale.
Isn't the bunny cute?  My husband and I watched the light box tutorial from Auctiva that Ruth found and shared with so many of us.  The video features a lawn gnome. My husband teased me when I went in the store to grab the tissue paper to remember the gnome.  Alas they didn't have any so I came out with this bunny and he now has a permanent place in my work space.

Now that I am settling in and beginning to work. And as much as I would prefer order in my little space, it more often than not looks like this.  Always filled with pieces in the midst of creation.  New beads that I have purchased but don't want to put away just yet.
 I am still searching for just the right wall shelving and displays.  As I come across the ones that I have in my head, I will update the space and post more pics.

What does your space look like where you create?  Share with us in your blog and feel free to include a link in the comments below.

Much Love,


  1. I love all of your storage places...great place to work..

  2. You have the cutest blog!! I found you through the Bead Soup Forum in the section where you introduced yourself. You are an extremely busy lady!! I love the niche you made for yourself! We, too, have most of our rooms full, but during the time my daughter and I were 'big' into scrapbooking my husband told us we needed to move it off the table and find our own space. Well, we did, we took over what was formerly a small bedroom turned closet/dressing room and now the dressing room part is our creative space! We scrapbook very little now. This space is filled with jewelry-making supplies (me), and painting supplies (daughter). It is so nice to be able to leave our things out. It really dampens that creative spirit when you have to put it all up/pull it all out! Don't have any pictures on my blog, I need to do that.

    Your intro caught my eye when you put Belhaven University. I, too, graduated from Belhaven University (when it was Belhaven College), in Jackson, Mississippi. I see you are in GA. Are these two campuses related? I'm thinking they are. I loved Belhaven! Have written quite enough here. Have a good day and a great weekend!

  3. Thanks Lisa. I must stay that I did not create or design it though. I am pretty busy most of the time.

    It is an extension of the campus in Mississippi. It is actually the adult studies program that they opened here. It is very fast paced to say the very least.

  4. Enjoyed your post here. We, too, have very little space but, a much smaller family. My husband and I have talked since April about another outbuilding for just my creative space. However, that will have to wait as the expense for electric, etc is costly and right now with not knowing exactly what is going to happen with the economy the roughly 10' x 13' jewelry/school room will have to do. However, when preparing for craft shows, my creative space sometimes spills over into the dining room and living but, only for a short while. ;o)