Friday, August 5, 2011

Miss Molly and the tray

I have been looking for some time now for a mannequin or dress form to use when creating and displaying my jewelry.  All the time that I spent searching has finally paid off!!  I found a local company that was selling some of it display items. 

Meet Miss Molly!

I have no idea why she is called Miss Molly, but that is what I started calling her as soon as I put her in the car.  She doesn't have a stand, but I think that will work out so that I can use her on my desk to create designs.  I am still looking for something with an arm, wrist, and hand to use to display my bracelets.  If anyone has any suggestions on where to look, let me know. 

I also found this wonderful item while I was there.
The gentleman told me that it was a vintage typepress setup that was used to place letters before printing.  It needs some clean up, but really more dusting than anything else.  He used it to hold bullets that he had been collecting from the Civil War and World War II. 

I already have visions in my head of using this to hold my most coveting bead and jewelry items. 

I plan to have a studio space setup this weekend for myself in the dining room.  This is the room with the most extra space right now, so here is where it shall be.  As I create and design my space, I will take pictures and blog about it right here! 

Much Love


  1. That is a wonderful display case! I bet you'll have fun filling it up. I started designing on my kitchen table--lots of designers seem to start out in the kitchen or dining room!

  2. Oh I love that mannequin and display case! Very nice!

  3. Thanks guys :) .. I have an older home and a lot of kids so space is always a premium around here. I plan to hit a couple of flea markets tomorrow and not to forget the Goodwill has 1/2 price day the first Saturday of every month. I am planning a trip there too.

  4. Beautiful! I love your blog and your work too:-) Very colorful!

  5. Wow, you did great with these purchases....I love your new Miss Molly!!