Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bead Haul

I wasn't lucky enough to be able to travel to Philly for Bead Fest.  I did, however find a wonderful bead show in Chattanooga, Tennessee that is within 15 minutes of my home.  There weren't many vendors, but I had a wonderful time with my mom perusing all the goodies and came home with some beautiful selections.

All of these lovelies came from Seven Seas Beads.  They are absolutely stunning ceramic and natural gemstone.

These are some gorgeous carved Agate roses that I found from a different vendor *alas I cannot remember their name.

These vintage lucite blue and white and the ceramic bead also came from Seven Seas Beads.

These are from a different vendor.  I just had to have them.  The colors are wonderful!

These are from the same vendor.  I love the colors and the shape of these beads.

Again from the same vendor.  Some lovely glass pearls in a variety of colors and some czech glass rondelles.

And these are lovely recycled glass beads made in Africa .

That is my haul from the small, local bead show in Chattanooga.  I feel blessed to have found out about it and came home with some beautiful beads.

Much love,


  1. Some really beautiful beads. Loving the ceramic ones.

  2. Thanks Terry. They were a great find and 50% off for the show.

  3. Hey! You found some ceramics!

  4. I did I did! I am so excited to sit and play with them.

  5. WOW! I did not realize how close we live to each other! ;o) Did you? Love all the beads you found, too...NICE treasures! ;o)

  6. Hello my friend. Loved your beads. I have a bead store of my own. You can check at my store: :D