Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hello dear readers, 

Easter is right around the corner, so let me begin by wishing all of you a Happy Easter.  This year, we are trying a more non-traditional route to Easter dinner with burgers on the grill with all the fixings.  It has just been too warm here this year to go the ham, mashed potatoes, etc route.  

I just wanted to give a little update on my progress so far.  I have started one art journal of two that I plan to work on.  The one that I have started will be my every day journal for practicing techniques while journaling about how I am feeling on that day.  The second one I will be working on once a week while enjoying the company of my dear friend.  

I did actually sew something as promised.  Of course it's just a dog collar, but its a start.  My lines are not straight and my double-stitching is awful.  Still practicing a little every day to get the techniques down better.  

I will show pics of some of my sewing and selected art journal pages as I continue to progress. Stick around, I'm sure that I will get myself into trouble along the way.

Much love


  1. Shell, I'm happy to hear you are doing things to please you. Your journals will be such a good tool for you to see where you are in your journey. Much love back to you!

    1. Thanks Terry.. You are always here to support me and I really appreciate that.