Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inspiration ...

I have been searching for inspiration lately.  Not necessarily beading inspiration but inspiration to help pull me through some tough stuff going on with my family.  Although not looking for jewelry inspiration, I headed to Etsy to search for some beads that would help me get through these rough times.  Thanks to my friends at Creative Bead Chat group on Facebook, I have endless amounts of inspiration.

Look at these lovelies from Melinda Orr 

And how about these lovely lampwork glass beads by Art by Lisi

Let's not forget about these beautiful ceramic bead sets by Yolanda's Clay

What about these beauties from J-Lynn Jewels

Head on over to these shops... take a look around.. add some items to your favorites, better yet to your cart... add these artists to your circle...

Thanks for staying with me... I had so much fun going through shops, finding new sellers and interesting items.  I think that I may have this be a regular post for Fridays.  What do you think? Who are some of your favorite sellers?

Much Love


  1. Aww hi Shell...what a cute blog....thanks for sharing some of the links I shared with you..xox

  2. I love this feature. I have shopped in other shops after seeing them on your blog. It's always fun to discover new shops I have not been to before.
    I hope that time eases the troubles for you and your family.