Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Crunch Time

My days have been filled with work preparations for our family's Christmas celebration. I have been decorating. I have been baking.  I have been celebrating the Christmas season with family and friends.  Here are a few pics of what we have been up to around here. 

Decorating stocking.. The kids decorate their own stockings each year, glitter, glue, wiggly eyes. I have a pile of stockings that are dated for each of the boys.

Decorating the piano and putting up the stockings.  Each of the kids stockings reflect their own 'unique' personalities.  

Decorating the tree - We decided to go with a live tree this year.  The decorating ended when the tree was so full that every new ornament made another ornament fall off the tree.

Decorating for the annual Christmas party
 In this quirky house, a traditional single wreath just won't work.  So our interpretation of a snowman wreath.

The Christmas party - a joyous occasion filled with family, friends, food and fun.  One of my most favorite days of the year.

The food 

The family and friends

The crafts 

The fun - The left / right game with kids that don't necessarily know their left hand from the right hand.. interesting to say the least.

It seemed that a fun time was had by everyone.  Now for Christmas ..... 

Much love,


  1. Looks like fun!! Lovely Christmas times with family :) And I see some of my favorite cookies on your table!!! A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Looks like all that work was worth it ;) I love that the kids make a stocking every year to reflect their growing and changes personalities :D

    and thumbs up for snowman wreath :)