Thursday, December 1, 2011

How time flies...

Oh how time flies for me this time of the year.  With a house full of boys, my job and my schoolwork, I have disappeared from the jewelry making world.  I haven't even looked at my jewelry table in about a month, and most obviously I haven't blogged since the beginning of November.  Life is hectic for just about everyone this 
time of the year with Thanksgiving, Christmas and all of the other holiday celebrations.  Even though the winter months seem to be the most hectic in my little world, they are my happiest times of the year.  

Thanksgiving was a wonderful celebration.  I was able to spend time making pies with my second mom, help my husband with Thanksgiving dinner, spend time with my best friend, and enjoy the company of my sister and her children.  A couple of extra days off from work always makes me smile smile smile.

All of my Christmas shopping for the kids is complete - I have no idea how that happened, but it did and I didn't even step one foot into a mall or Walmart or other store - it makes me want to jump jump jump for joy! We will be going off to the Christmas Tree farm this weekend so that the kids can pick out their very first 'real' Christmas Tree.  I have a feeling that I am probably more excited about it than they are.

Our annual Christmas party is in the planning stages.  The kids (*and I) are very excited about this annual tradition.  We are making lists of foods, games, crafts and fun to share with family and friends.  The wearing of pjs is highly recommended in order to enjoy the movie The Polar Express properly ** and of course hot chocolate is served.

Shortly after the Christmas party is the annual jaunt around town to take in the sites of the Christmas spirit.  Christmas lights, decorations and manger scenes are a delightful way to spend a night with the kids.

Then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with all the joy that the holiday brings.  The special light that shines in a child's eyes as they prepare for Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve - reindeer food is a necessity along with cookies and milk - and again on Christmas morning when they wake to see what is waiting under the tree.  I only have a few short years left of 'Santa Clause'.  Christmas dinner with family and friends finishes off the day. 

I hope to spend more time with my blog and jewelry as the new year dawns.

Much Love and Blessed Holiday Wishes

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  1. Michelle, so happy to hear that all is well. It sounds like you and I dropped out of the "cyber jewelry" world at about the same time. I too am looking forward to 2012 to rejuvenate me. Thank you for sharing your holiday tradtions and sounds wonderful. I hope you and your family have a warm, loving, and blessed Christmas.