Monday, July 11, 2011

VBS, MBA and B'Sue

What a hectic week this week! My hands and feet are sore, sore, sore!  It comes with the territory. 

The week began with cutting out 400  1 inch circles for the "wheels" on a craft project for Vacation Bible School this week.  My hole punch worked great for the first 150 but then it apparently decided that it had worked hard enough.  So 250 more were traced and cut out with scissors - the main reason that my hands hurt. 

VBS tonight was wonderful!  I love this time of year, but can honestly say that I am glad when Friday evening gets here.  The kids so far have been a pleasure to work with on the variety of crafts.  1st-6th grade painted their toilet paper roll cars and the wheels, while the teen boys worked on duct tape wallets and the teen girls worked on duct tape purses.  All in all it was a wonderful night!  (This is the reason that my feet are sore)

I am working on my MBA and have been preparing for the final in my first class and the presentation that is due tomorrow.  (I am sad to miss VBS tomorrow night)  It's all coming together and I am looking forward to finishing this first class (Business Ethics - the ONLY reason that it has been interesting is because of the instructor)  *Maybe I should have noted that my head should be hurting too!

I was able to carve out a little time to work on another piece for the Five & Dime challenge at B'Sue Boutiques facebook fan page.  I already pictured one of my entries Musical Buttons, but I have another one to share.  I am not really sure what to call this piece yet. Here are some pics, maybe you can help me come up with a name.

Closed Bracelet
Close-up of Clasp
Open Bracelet
Close-up of dangles
It is a very romantic looking piece; it is light weight and will basically go with any outfit.  Mixed metals, pearls, and wire wrapping.  I will dedicate a post to the making of this piece.  The steps are very simple and if you have a good working knowledge of wire wrapping you should be able to replicate the piece.

Much Love,


  1. looks great and you are right - very romanctic!

  2. I still love looking at this one. Very nice work.

  3. Oh thank you Terry..that means the world to me. I love it. I have had a couple offers to buy, but I just can't part with it yet.