Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catching Up

It feels as though it has been forever -- and it probably has been -- since I posted on the blog.  Things have been hectic and on top of that I have been sick :(

VBS was a hit!! And YES that is a bright pink VW Bug on the stage at church.

I finished up my first MBA class with a wonderful A!!  Started my second class and am moving along in that one as well.

I was lucky enough to win a $50 gift certificate to B'Sue Boutiques .  I created two pieces for the Five & Dime Challenge that B'Sue was having. 
 Musical Buttons
Romantic Charm

She did a random drawing of the entries and woo hoo!! I won!  Go to B'Sue Boutiques facebook fan page to see more of the wonderful designs.  Everyone is so talented and the challenges are so much fun!

I am working on getting a facebook fanpage setup myself at Firefly Visions .  I am hoping to start up an Etsy store soon.  I am trying to build up my creations before I open the store. 

I was able to create two other pieces during the past couple of weeks.

I hope to have even more creations for you soon. I will be adding some more tutorials that show how I created some of the pieces.

Much Love,


  1. Hello Michelle
    So nice to "meet" you through your blog! It is amazing how much we seem to have in common, from your style in jewelry design, to all-boy family! Wow, 5 boys!!! I have 4 myself.... I have a feeling we could share a lot of stories!!
    Congrats on your MBA class - looks like you are off to a great start!

  2. Thanks Cindy. Do you have a blog as well? I would love to subscribe.