Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starting a Stash

I am fairly new to beading and haven't really started cultivating a stash yet.  I purchased some beads from a friend who was bored of making jewelry ***I had NO IDEA that was even possible***  So that started my collection.  I have purchased a few beads here and there.  Through all my reading (mostly blogs) I have learned that Etsy can be a wonderful place to find OOAK beads.  I would love to purchase some lovely focal beads and some interesting complimentary beads. 

So who are your favorite bead makers / sellers on etsy?  Or even another supplier that you have turned to over and over again?

Much Love


  1. Funny thing about a "stash...." every time I think I have "enough" , I find something else I really "need!" Check out Melinda Orr, Orrtec, for some really interesting findings.

  2. Oh my gosh! I love her stuff already. I can see me ordering some clasps from her already. something to add to my bead soup collection for the blog hop. thanks for the info :)