Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do Over Challenge - Blog Hop

Yay!! The reveal date is finally here... of course, I didn't start actually assembling my pieces until last night.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the challenge - Jeannie is hosting her second Do Over Challenge.  She sends you a piece of jewelry that she feels is tired and boring; and your challenge is to create a brand new piece using at least 50% of the original piece.

So without further ado - Here is what she sent me:

And here is what I created:

First a memory wire bracelet.  I added different shades of red Czech glass and Swarovski crystal beads and some brass bead caps.  I used the large pieces from the necklace as well as some of the smaller Czech pieces.  I am still working out a dangle for this.

The second is a retro-glam style bracelet.  I used the small black Czech glass from the necklace; added some Czech glass pearls and some Swarovski spacers.

Here are the links to all the other participants.. I cannot wait to go through and see what everyone created!

Jeannie & Donna



  1. you did a great job. I especially like the retro glam one...can be worn with EVERYTHING!

  2. Beautiful bracelets :) I love the pop of the red in that top one!

    (btw, check your coding. You're page keeping locking up as it's working - you can see the address on the bottom flickering like mad between your blog and ad sites ). I had to stop the page from loading in order to read and comment! )

  3. The red beads really revive those black, glass beads from the necklace. I love the other too, anything multi-strand. I know doing a bracelet or necklace using bead bars can be VERY tricky/hard.
    Thanks Michelle for participating and making this challenge possible.

  4. i really love how they are all so different from the starting piece! well done. i especially like the red in the memory bracelet.

  5. I would wear those everyday!
    Beautiful work!


  6. Very pretty! I know it must have been hard to cut into that necklace!

  7. Michelle, I love the memory wire bracelet!! You did a great job with the whole challenge. Lots of vision and creativity.

  8. Very fun bracelets. Great way to incorporate the Czech beads with the existing beads. Czech beads are my favorite because they are so easy to use, can be made to look like virtually anything and are also uniform. Your boys look like fun. I have three boys and they keep me young.

  9. You did a beautiful job with both bracelets! I love black to begin with! I would certainly wear both of those! You should enjoy them, especially around the holidays! Looks like this was a fun hop to participate in. Going to check out the others!

  10. Never seen this Do Over challenge, but it looks like So much FUN! The second bracelet is the favorite ;-)
    Cousin Corp